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.::Early Leaving/B-day::.

02 July 2005 @ -

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Extremely Early Birthday Party at South Horizons. Events in order of what we did (times are a bit inaccurate due to having so much fun after arriving to SH, but it's close enough ;) ):

  • 12.00pm Met up at Admiralty MTR near Star Bucks, and GG gave me her present
  • 12.15pm Got worried because Sabrina did not meet up, called up home and got mobile no and was EXTREMELY shocked that she's all the way in TST.
    ("...Near Exit B, Sabrina"
    "Yeah, but which Exit B?? There's B1 and B2."
    "Huh??! Wait a minute! Where are you???"
    "At TST of course"

    *My reaction: O.O* "TST??!!")
  • 12.30pm On the citybus 90B after we all finally meet up
  • 1 something pm Arrived at SH, wandered around the playground area waiting for Lily and Nat
  • 1 something pm Went to food court at Marina Square (or similar to that name), talked and laugh and had Smiley Food Experiment XD
  • 1.45pm Went to Nat's house cause we didn't feel like doing any outdoors activity because it's tooooo hot!
  • 2pm Played some car racing game that have cool graphics and racing tracks.
    ("OMG! Look at the Fat Dude dancing";
    "My Skeleton is Evil it's flying" *thinking and fearing that I'll be seeing a skeleton dancing*;
    "Wow! Sabrina, that is amazing!" *seeing Sabrina keeping on crashing, falling and destroying her car out of the others, and yet remained 1st place throughout the whole race*)
  • 3.15pm Played a fighting game that involves a mixture of Nintendo characters like Kirby, Mario, Link, Yoshi, Pikachu, etc
    ("Argh!! Stop TORCHING me!!!";
    "Not again Fiona!! Stop SUCKING me! Beside I look MUCH prettier than you!";
    "Bwahaha! Your mallet have no match for my sword! " **mistaken afterwards on how much I suck at games and about the size of Kirby's mallet**;
    "Woah! The pros have taken to become two handsome guys in a team! =P";
    "Woah, Natalie! Your strategy is quite cool!" *after she picked a robot/monster dude that throws fire and the other team were trying to avoid the pit*;
    "FIONA! GET DOWN HERE!!" *Frustrated at Fiona's Kirby keeps flying and I couldn't attack it* **I think that was cheap and a cheat, lol**)
  • 4.20pm Cake Time! Lily gave me her present and card (too bad we did not manage to do tarot card, though)
    (*Whilst everyone is singing the traditional bday song, I sang the parody* "Happy Birthday to you, you are 102..."
    "Wee!" *me turning the cake around for taking photo*,
    "OMG! She said 'Wee' like Fiona!"
    *realization* "OMG! Fiona got me! Thanks for getting it into my head, Fiona!"
    "Wee!" )
  • 5.00pm The end of the party (and I keep envying Natalie for living in such a beautiful place! Grr!! =P)

Thank You Lily for arriving early and keeping Natalie in company when we all arrive late. Thank you also for the present and card! I feel so touched! *tears*

Thank You Natalie for letting us host the party at your place! Thank you too for touring us around SH, I really enjoyed it! (lucky you! Grr..!! =) )

Thank You Celine for the present. More Smiley Sticker, Book, and 2 cute kitty purses in one! Thanks too for accompany me throughout the journey to and back from SH, HK is such a big place! (btw, I already finish the book, lmao =P)

Thank You Fiona for being there so I can take a nicky outta you =P. Also Thanks (or not) for getting the "Wee" word into me now I like that squirrel flash less (grr..! =P)

Thank You Sabrina for being there, making that afternoon in the MTR enjoyable so that I can take a nicky outta you too! =P (as always!) Thanks too for making playing Gamecube more enjoyable! =D

And Finally THANK YOU ALL FOR HOSTING THIS EARLY BIRTHDAY/LEAVING PARTY! This is gonna be one of the utmost memories I will never forget in a lifetime! *sob and tears* =P. I'll be remembering and missing you all when I leave!

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