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Saturday, Jul. 24, 2010 @ 7:26 p.m.

First of all, thank you so much to DD for all the hard work and effort to update and revamp this blog. The new layout is definitely refreshing!

It has been an eventful summer for me so far - Summer school (In total geek mode since I fell in love with course material and claimed I will audit class), family matters, G20 Summit, World Cup etc.

I can blog about my life in daily segments, but being gothchyld, I'd rather concentrate/beautify on one point than splattering my thoughts in a confusing manner.

Recently, a close family member passed away and I admit - I am still pained and sad. This passing is a prolonged, gradual pain - periodically opening my wounds and releasing my tears.

She was very special to me. She used to raised me at the weekends when I was a toddler, and back then, I was loud and adventurous kid. To make me take showers, she would tell me her experience of the Japanese War. To me, these stories were spell-binding, and I only became more fascinated into East Asia history and art, so thank you for unleashing my love/talent. In our moments together, I have learned what's love, kindness and selflessness. RIP.

Lately, I was surprised how "With love, your melancholy whore" have refreshed my readers. So to kill two birds with one stone, I started writing a series on a funeral make-up artist's experiences, any suggestions?


:: Yin Yang ::

Monday, Jul. 12, 2010 @ 10:54 a.m.

Friday, 09.07.10:
Meeting with a client, went to a forced detour to KL Lot10 coz boss next meeting's there. Headed to TS since there's PC show with my precious phone getting stolen in the process. Learnt alot about PC from a nice lady from toshiba but came home anguish and tired coz of running around 4 fking floors for TS's public phone that don't work, so had to use bus stop public phone (lame TS).

Saturday, 10.07.10:
Woke up early all the sudden in anger coz the first thing in my mind was my phone. Talked to G1, she made me feel better, listened to me and gave me a clearer option on my next agenda (thanks hun! love ya! =)). Went to Maxis to get new simcard, the lady is rather unpleasant and I couldn't stand her so I stayed there less. Tried my new simcard, can't call or recieve msgs. Training was cancelled so I get to stay home and relax with much thoughts of my next agenda plans.

Sunday, 11.07.10:
Woke up less anguish, infact almost back to normal. Talked to G1 again, having fun catching up & talking for about 1 half hrs about love, strange ppl, pc and lots more. Told her I'll be taking her advice, a-once-in-a-long-while-spending-splurge for each as prezzie for my bday and grad next month, when there's another fair & the annual megasales event is about (the sting's there, but faint). Then Nush came on for a while, talking about the usual & a new topic inbetween of 'The Secret'. Coz of CCH, had to get ready waaay beforehand for a distant relative's wedding dinner. Was told I should wear those heels for practice. Dinner reception started veeerrrryyyy dull, infact most part it's the usual dullness except of a part where Vly told me of the convo that just occurred (more or less) between an older and much very much younger close relatives of mine:

Heng: I want to marry you *teases*
Wen: That cannot! You are bigger(/older) & I'm smaller (/younger)!
H: Ok ok, I'll wait until you're bigger, then we get married ok?
W: That cannot! When I get bigger, you will already be dead!

That had me laughing and smiling throughout the night whenever I think about it. Kids say the darnest things <3

Watched the Finals of FIFA WC between NED and ESP. Fking dull (or maybe I was too tired), with no score after 90mins in the game. Extra time had ESP winning the WC, but that was when the referee seemed crap coz there were lots of fouls and he seem to have something against NED. But since it's the last match, there's not much needed to give more yellow or red cards.

- DD