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Friday, Jun. 25, 2010 @ 10:20 p.m.

It's definitely been a long time since I last entered a blog on diaryland. Many thanks to DD for reviving the site and blogs!

It has been an eventful month. Recently, my grandmother has bid us farewell. My brother omitted this part but I would like to share it on this space because she influenced me a lot.

I am blessed to have such a selfless, loving and kind grandmother. When I was a toddler, she used to raise me on weekends. Back then, she always told me her experiences of the Japanese War so I would take a bath, and every time I was fascinated by her tales. Overtime, her tales only grew onto my love for East Asian history and art, and now I study East Asian art history. Thank you for unleashing my talent/passion and all the special moments, you are and will always be remembered as an extraordinary grandmother. RIP.

There are so many feelings but words can only say so much. My farewell to Mrs. R's Grade 1 kids as well - you guys have been fantastic and I am glad to have known you guys. I guess I am blessed to know what I would love to work in - it's either anything with East Asian/Western art or teaching, but we will see how things go.

Now, off to review the info for Terracotta Warriors for work tomorrow and embrace the 10pm craziness (aka writer's hour when I get extra emotionally sensitive.) :)


:: Gals Day Out Part 2 ::
Friday, Jun. 25, 2010
10.00 p.m.

There was no work, so I was dragged to Jusco with CKK to get lil groceries and a few stationeries/items at 1.30p.m. After getting the stationeries/items (mobile pouch casing for me), due to the still ongoing disagreement about my convocation pants I've picked, was dragged to get one unplanned.

After getting the perfect pants and getting strayed by blazers that I'll need for convo (and maybe office) as well... it's decided to get my own very first and last unplanned heels as well, since the pants looks like it needs heels with it. Last I worn a heel was about 11 years ago for school choir, now I'm kinda walking with one like a first timer! I'll be the tallest girl grad in MMU convo 2010! =O

After getting tired of hours of numerous try ons, walking around, fashion debates and getting laughed at by the staff assistants about my newbie heel walk, finally to the grocery... which isn't all that short either. Then finally back home at 8pm... 6 hours of none stop shopping, omg!

Anyways, happy 1 year death anniversary to MJ. Will never forget watching 'Black and White' MV on the ladder in ARG, when I was 3 or 4 yrs old!

- DD

P.S. Your grandma will be proud of you GG, now you love water therefore bathing! =) 


:: Big Daddy's Day ::

Sunday, Jun. 20, 2010 @ 1:27 p.m.

BBB undeniably my tops fav. Heard a release preview of their upcoming proj like 2 weeks ago and still am hooked onto it (hell even uploaded that vid to my phone last night, after numerous tries).

Then I've realized I've gone over the exact time I'm suppose to pop in downstairs and say "Happy Dada Day!". After all that hug and said is done, I've realized I joined in 45mins (or more) late of FIFA WC match between JAP and NED.

Quickly get my stuff off and done over, and joined in on the match... having fun with him through the wee first 2 and half late hours of the mornite. I've never been too zone into a match or felt so supportive and kinda sorry/sad to a unrelated country when they lost... until now.

Later heading MV for dinner in Mdm Kwan, DNC's treat =). Happy Big Daddy Day!

- DD 


:: Hello hello again Soc ::

Thursday, Jun. 03, 2010 @ 11:38 p.m.

...back to those chains again very soon. Recieved confirmation e-mail at 1.30am today (wtf), waited for it and only to have wasted yesterday doing nothing but waiting.

Today head out to the city with JOKF in the morning. First to that small plaza opposite PWTC. Cold Storage, Book Store and JOKF's multiple bugging her cousin at his shop.

Then to KLCC at 11.45am and booked $9 3.30pm Maramaduke ticket. Since there's time to kill before surprising JR at lunchtime, visited Petronas gallery and saw lots of awesome digital art/video works for the Nova exhibition.

Walked to JR's workplace at 1.30pm and lunch together at Secret Recipe. We helped de-stress JR and I had took no dessert this time (~$23 my total). Glad she had a nice time with us before returning to her tyrant boss(es), whom I rejected last year =P.

Reached Cinema a tad late and headed back home at 5.30pm, just after movie end. Just as CKK came to pick me from station, we detoured to Jusco and shopped for 'those' clothes. Finalize $280 6 tops and a short tights within 3 hours shopping/fitting, accumulated with 10 hours before: I'm very bone tired, dehydrated, dirty and sore at the end of the day.

- DD

P.S. I've also recieved an artist invitation to showcase my work in a HK art gallery (for Unwrap your mind art exhibition). It's amazing and I don't know how that came about, not sure if it's a scam, it feels unreal... but I feel estatic! =D