Gothchyld's Diary

winds; relished thoughts
revel like oasis
wounded memories metamorphose
new start

:: Scouting, Surprises & Sickful Day ::

Saturday, May 29 2010 @ 10:00 p.m.

11am went to get my aunt with CKK and had dim sum brunch at MaxMin restuarant. Delicious and absolutely filling as I can't eat anything else the whole entire day. Korean tourist group eating there as well, it's amazing few wear Hanbok over here as well... in this humid hot weather.

Drive scouted the place after brunch, where I'm going for my interview. Turns out it looks more like some hotel than an office building, weird. But it's an client's office... so ain't sure if that's the place I'll be in if accepted. IF.

Head to Pavillion located near it. Walked scout from there to see if it's walkable since I'll most probably use Pub. T on that day. Whilst walking back to Pav, I came across a Jap guy who looked like BBB's guitarist. My heart thumped and almost leaped out of my chest... can't be him, my luck's never that good. Walked around Pav for 1 half hr, sent aunt back and headed home.

At home, met Brenda for 1st time. Surprise. DNC wanted Touch n Go but office closed, so went stucked back to home with her and made it official. Made acquaintance, went to P. Malam and Papparich (didn't eat anything) afterward. Think I'll swear off coffee for the next three years or ever, since I felt unwell after drinking some before P.Malam. Ugh..



:: Dreamz & A Dark Spot 2 ::

22 May 2010 @ 2:35 p.m.

3 days ago, dreamt of a personal meeting with T&S (NB: WIS, 9H, small yellow vocab eng notebook). T'was good and there are dreams like these that made me wish I had it recorded by some dream video cam or a sort, burnt into a CD and being able to play back whenever I want (even if it's a messed up low-budget playback). That way needn't spent 1 or 2 hrs writing it down quickly before forgetting and squeezing my brain out trying to remember every detail. That morning felt great immediately after awakened, an hour after there was a loud marching happy-ish parade song with mourning marchers (somebody passed on over 100) and the most of the afternoon and early evening gloomy and thunderstorms.

Yesterday dreamt of my dark spot falling off. It's been a week and 3 days of recuperation period since that $250 day, 7 small out of 8 together fallen out already and leaving small caves. However when heading the sack at yesterday's mornite, that dark spot fell off.

Today slightly grumpy and tired from mornite's excitement/anxiety. Dreamt a mixture of FH (shy and nerdy), a school, radiata stories and a crashed speeding train which resulted the explosion of the 2 1/2 front carriages due to colliding with tunnel's wall before entering. CCK and I were lucky to be at the carriage behind the 3rd and survived, but the experience felt kinda real. And now I've come to realise that Tiramisu's now CKK's obsession period this time.

- DD 


:: A Dark Spot ::

11 May 2010 @ 8:12 p.m.

Changes are sometimes neccessary whilst in other times it isn't. I'm not perfect but for my entire life I'm content on how I've been so far.

But there's a few dark spots of my life I've been itching to change. Today, I went on with one of it. That obvious dark spot which had some people staring at my face, that speck I had for most of my entire life I can remember. I assume it will only get bigger as time goes by.

I head out to Sg Wang with CKK and older cousin sis and her daughter late afternoon. Heavy thunderstorm appeared when driving to get them both and I was wondering if that's some kind of ominous sign meant for me. I felt slightly nervous.

Upon arrival, my feelings were kinda jumbled up. But I strengthen my resolutions in the middle of the discussions, and leave it up to faith as I always do when logic fails. Let it be. A leap of faith.

The 1 hr experience I had whilst laying down is still fresh in my mind. The stinging pain, the ladies and surroundings, the glaring light, the 'vacuum' and 'needle', the coldness, that burning smell and the sight of smoke and sparks. I can still smell the burn 2 hrs and feel the stinging sensation 1 hr after that visit.

What had been a bump to me before, now seems like a missing chunk. It'll come back to haunt me again, but not too soon I hope. Now I'm just hoping there's no 'infection' or 'scars' of what I did and that it'll heal perfectly before the next haunting...

- DD