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revel like oasis
wounded memories metamorphose
new start

:: Mom's Day ::

09 May 2010 @ 11:09 a.m.

Fri: Batched up new sets of Tiramisu, preferred the first one I made... thanks to CKK's "modification" of her exp in the last one. She agrees... wished she would listen to me more. At night we had a pre-mom's day dinner with other aunties and cousins at Hau Kee, which cost about $300 or more in a table for 15 people.

Sat: Morning I recieved Atticus's offline message. Glad he's doing well. Spent most of my time fixing up my minimalist sheets, only to made it worst. Oh well. DNC's pre-mom's day dinner at Papparich with a total of $50.50. Nearly died when he drove at the opposite lane while he and CKK were looking for parking. Saw an episode of 'The ex list' and half of 'Speed 2' while ps2ing. TV3 and TV2 must be running badly to show repeated movies, not that I really mind.

Today: Another SIS(MY) dream, involving a farm visit with a few SIS girls and meeting up some other SIS ppl at a bar later. The guys were surprised at my grown up changes and NT was hitting on me when everyone's clinking glasses. Shit, stupid DNC influenza.

Well now is raining heavily and dark in the morning... I wonder how's the real mom's day gonna turn up like? For mine and everyone's? Maybe I oughta be glad for that two pre-mom's day celebration. Happy Mother's Day.

- DD 


:: Dreamz ::

04 May 2010 @ 5:56 p.m.

I've never thought I would have sudden dreams of some SIS(MY) ppl. Esp FH, him coming on to me and blurting out, "Now that I look closely, you're pretty". Freaky.

Dreams are strange. My dreams are strange. Dreams is like acting in a mess up low-budget film with a storyline that makes little sense whatsoever. Not only the storyline, but your actions and the people around as well.

But sometimes dreams could hold some truth or probably they are some kind of divine messages that suppose to be important in the future. Or a subconscious feeling surfacing when one's vulnerable...? Like the number of times I have about WIS. What are dreams exactly?

Painful stiff neck, tiredness, stomach cramps, humidity and bleeding stinks. FML.

- DD 


:: Oozing Creative Juice ::

02 May 2010 @ 11:12 a.m.

No wonder full-time working adults are so uninspirational. Being bound down leaves blindness and little freedom. Which leaves creative industries and people short-lived. Gotta envy lil kids...

Last Thursday night, despite tiredness, I still need to fight off my creative ephiphany. Though it lasted 1 hr-ish. On that creative inspiration ephipany, I've already got an idea for version 4 design layout. Since the current's still kinda new, version 4 for next year =).

The list of late mornites inspirations, incase I forget:
o 'When Reality Attacks...' series
o 'Escapism' revamp
o 'A Caged Life'
o 'Overpopulation'
o 'Tirami-su'

Which reminds me, I've realise the art of words and the art of pictures both takes up as much time equally the same! No artists/designers or writers/authors should complain one another have an easier job than their own. Unless the other's a perfect genius, but prodigies exist all over and in different areas anywayz.

The first work after 4 years and revival of myself (for now). Slightly changed style, but that what evolution do to ya. A preview of a belated present to dear Nush:

That's my first completed work of my first evolutionize art style. Gratz to Nush, this work will be special to me and I hope it'll be the same for her as well.

Yusuke Nakamura awesome works are my inspiration, first step to self improvement and the development of my art style =)

On the last note, the sense of 'satisfaction' left me sleeping peacefully yesterday's mornite. Or maybe I'm just that tired after completing the belated present! =P