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wounded memories metamorphose
new start

:: Busy Week ::

Sunday, Jan. 30, 2011 @ 2:49 p.m.

Wed Lady Boss finally came and the day I'm %$#@ with flash and took a break from it by helping out HZT mascot. YWL loved my 'Brainemon' (or 'Otakemon') on Fri, lol.

Whole of Sat used for cleaning the kitchen and finally having the four of us together at Tien Xian for dinner.

2 hrs for Lucas's 'Pool' Bday party which was ruin by the now 7 hrs non-stop rain (tho the kids were hilarious) and still more CNY cleaning to go. I want my break!

- DD 


:: Wk4 Random ::

Sunday, Jan. 23, 2011 @ 10:58 p.m.

Wednesday last min chaos at work.
Thursday start of my weird dramatic dreams and it's PH for Thaipusam, out splurging for groceries.
Friday HwangziTang still not settled, B. rice price hike, sad.
Saturday's morning jog was extremely uncomfortable thus cut short emergency and taking part time jewellery job helping out Tsui before CNY, plan for another P.D trip, steamboat, fortune telling and bloatness. Note to self: Twisting stomach/abs muscles hurts like sh**, don't ever do that again, not as flexible as you use to be.
Today no jog, CNY clean up and another emergency proj art.

- DD 


University applications

Friday, Jan. 21, 2011 @ 1:52 p.m.

First of all, a very belated happy 2011 and best wishes in the new year. I love the new layout and hugs to DD for keeping it up as I divert most of my energy on allpoetry and storywrite.

Recently, I have been helping my brothers on uni applications, which has been an interesting experience. Here's some examples:

It took us a while to understand what CDCN, PERN and STVI stand for - Canadian Citizen, Permanent Citizen and Student Visa.

Language Proficiency
We encountered an application in which you can only select true or false for writing, reading and speaking for each language.

But they also included Cantonese which can only be spoken. So next time, we would appreciate it if you replace true and false with basic, intermediate, advance and N/A buttons.

International Experience
We love this one b/c we can include family trips as int'l experience. Needless to say, we entered all our Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, China and Taiwan trips into the list among other things.

Academic history
Not happy about how unis don't include GCSE as diploma/certification achieved. What am I suppose to do if I graduate with GCSEs in one school and transfer to another one?

Uploading issues
How do I convert a word file into PDF? This is one uni's challenge to us when uploading personal statements.

* Facebook convos on uni apps
* Making friends with more mums from uni apps experiences
* Hoping to be on good terms with courier companies since I will be mailing out quite a few applications

Now, back to my own uni apps that requires more work. Anyone want to help me write statements? 


:: The Joys of the City ::

Saturday, Jan. 15, 2011 @ 9:05 p.m.

Met up with JKFO in TS, and as usual came in before her as there's no traffic. After getting ticket, was a victim to 'i-dunno-if-it's-a-scam-charity/project' on the way to Pavillion and found nada at Parkson Toy R Us.Finally visited Uniqlo, and back to TS for my first Gasoline lunch and to freeze in Gulliver Travel afterwards. Got myself 3 studs, reached home last and missed fam dinner due to traffic. "What a day!" -YWL

- DD 


:: 2011 Forecast ::

Sunday, Jan. 09, 2011 @ 7:51 p.m.

The Test:
A week goes as usual... laughter, dullness, freezing-ness, busy-ness, sleepy-ness, etc etc at work. However on Wed, auntie is nice to give us 'Forest Ghost' from her trip and we had fun trying to prank latecomers with it.

Tho the next day night after shower, my fav metal stud earring went missing (an invisible roomie who took it?), and remembered I had lost it's other pair last yr (disappeared the same way at 11/12/10). FML. Scrap that, just found it. Now to see to that other pair. Whoooo.... found the other pair as well! thanks to CNY cleaning!!

Fri: I've talked to G1 nearly the whole day, it was a blast (though slightly guilty).

Sat late noon had a hair cut in ah yie's house, Lisa came back and did catch up with her at dinner time and it's been fun.

Today learnt a bit abt baby caring/training, went shoppe with her, Ivy and the sis's friend. The driving to Sg.Wang was a tad scary and tried out 'T-bowl' restaurant (aka TWN's 'toilet' restaurant), which was ok (tho wasn't hungry). Back to her house, a bowl of homemade chi noodle was ready, forced it down and felt really bloated. Later on I've realize I've lost my white mini clip and comb.

Will be fat and grow more absent-minded/forgetful, but will be catching up/KIT with ol' friends and get closer to fam this yr.

Goal/Points to remember:
Watch what/how much I eat, avoid using that 'black' bag as much as possible, do something abt my mind so that I can remember things as I used to and to stop being so absent-minded/forgetful. While at it, revamp my room again. Possibly save up so I can get back what was lost/stolen so that deep scars elevate. Definitely save up for one-day reunion.

- DD 


:: New Year 2011 ::

Saturday, Jan. 01, 2011 @ 9:33 p.m.

2010 end and 2011 start went perfectly, or otherwise not bad. MY won the Suzuki football cup against ID at 4-2 on Wed, resulting a PH on Fri. So didn't need to work half-day on NYE =).

Spent most of my time together with my fam and recuperating/reflecting/replanning/recleaning. Nothing special, but doing some catch ups on what I've missed while on the fastlane.

G1's msg on Thurs, Friday's Jusco outing and Atticus's rare- msg this morning... makes me realize how valuable friends and family are. Time won't stop and life's getting short, I should invest in something more valuable/worthwhile and rid myself of materialistic/useless thoughts, even if I have to wait a long while for it to happen. Adios 2010 and hola 2011.

- DD 


:: The sounds of Xmas ::

Saturday, Dec. 25, 2010 @ 11:03 p.m.

Tues 21 had an morning appointment with ENT specialist at Gleneagles Hosp., thus half day off work and let's say after this I'm gonna try to stay as healthy as much as I can! The waiting and the fee blows! It's like I did xmas shoppe for such a simple procedure. But being able to hear again is sooooo liberating! "Silence is not Golden" (by Pips,Enchantment) is true indeed.

Day before Xmas was stressful when the effing net is down again. Xmas eve's half day, the xmas spirit is everywhere and we all go nutz in the morn and drowsy at noon. Fun.

Today's a perfect comfy chilly day but wasted it by spending almost the whole friggin day, trying to fig out the stupid cross browser code compatibility platform thingy. FML. Either h.mail open through isn't friendly or is tough to please! In the end I gave up, and just sent it through. Need more practice or less distraction from xmas movies/shows on tv, lol. Anyways Merry Xmas!



:: 12 x 2 is not enough ::

Saturday, Dec. 18, 2010 @ 11:36 a.m.

After last entry, my left ear been blocked. It's still blocked, being half deaf sucks more than the pros of having that handicap. FML.

Tues 14, 49 to work and to find two 46's pass by while on my 20mins walk, was in the hurry (coz I was late) that I've forgotten to give proper directions to a lost person on the way and only realized that when I entered the door. The guilt and regret piled up throughout the day, and $$ thrifty 46 driver at home time was a 'cherry on top' to a crappy day. But I got cheerier when I came home and found a surprise waiting for me: GG's xmas letter. Thanks soooooo much GG for lifting up my spirit that day! <3 u!

Nxt day SG ppl came over, Thurs had Carl's Jr at Pavillion for lunch and was really bloated that I skipped dinner and was surprise that my stomach wasn't complaining on its usual 11am call yday.

Geh, what a week... in this 12th month (as the end of the year is near), I found out: 24hrs a day and 2 days for a weekend isn't enough.

- DD