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:: Tiring Thursday ::

29 April 2010 @ 11:25 p.m.

Noctural:- A Natural Nocturnal

I'm a Noctural. Since my chains are loose, my right (or creative) brain been hyperactive at late nights. It's like my personal muse came back to me and forcibly gives good inspirations when I'm heading the sack (trying bed policy at 2am max for health reason). When that creative juice is at works, it takes 2-3hrs to forcibly shut it out. I've never worked well during mornings, but nights has always been my game. Always.

So I had 3-4hrs of sleep today, refrained from any naps whatsoever, and hopefully sleep peacefully without a fight before dreams. Fighting off those juices just makes me feel sooo exhausted in the morning.

So highlights of today:
+ Drove without my license on me for the first time. Glad wasn't caught when I drove to CJ.
+ ParaDM Shift exhibition. Get to see some works, came kinda early so some artists were still setting up.
+ Man, was CJ and Jusco was ever so empty. That is there's only 3 out of 12 cash counters open in Jusco and CJ is really starting to live up its "desert" name (but I could say the same for this tropical country. Fking hot morning, unpredicatable heavy thunderstorms and suddenly cold night today).
+ The blue-yellow/orange chested bird couple, who been building their nest for months (?) at my house, finally have an egg. That's what CCH informed me, though I didn't get a chance to see that. But I feel sad for where they built their nest. It's definitely an ideal place, but the environment won't be healthy for the mom and their kid(s?).

On a sidenote, the tiramisu was fabulous! Though CKK thought the coffee's too strong coz it's bitter, but I thought it's perfect and loved it! <3 One plate gone (most given away to my aunt and cousin), 1 full plate and 3/4 plate left =)



:: Simply Tiramisu ::

27 April 2010 @ 7:12 p.m.

Today there's a thunderstorm at around 3 something pm. Since I can't do some CG work, I've spend my time making (and learning) CKK's tiramisu. Not one, THREE of it =D

NB: I've learnt phone cams don't do justice to the pic, but convenient for quick photography when you're lazy to bring out your DSLR =P

It's been more than 5 yrs since I've done any sweet confectionary stuff. Man, I miss those ol' simple times...



:: Evolution and Mysteries ::

26 April 2010 @ 4:56 p.m.

You may think almost 5 yrs in a place, you'd already figure out the in and outs (or most) of a place. Well, after studying for 4 yrs in my uni, that's proven wrong. My uni still holds some mysteries, I've yet know all of the names of its places, how its system entirely works and alot of the mumbo jumbos.

Not to mention being back permanently (finally) in my hometown for 5 yrs, I still have not mastered my hometown's languages or entire area!

Evolution in time is scary... things were so simple and easy to understand back then, even if you're uneducated coz common sense and instinct were the way to go. You could land in any jobs back then, as long as you have that inborn ability of understanding instincts and the 'enthusiasm' interest in the line of work you're getting yourself at. People were just simple and honest... you can bet there were a whole lot of good samaritans. They just care of earning sufficiently for them and their family to get by.

Then we have the bloom of advance science and technology. New gadgets, internet, cars, mass media... which eventually corrupts and complicates the whole system through propaganda, coglomerates, politics, laws, psychological control and more. So now we have more narrow-minded jerks, fancy-mancies smarty-pants, corrupted 'hero' figures, vanities, criminals, biggy environmental issues and more loose in this world.

Since jobs referencing and DNC's car accident, I sorta had more insights of the world's complication. Oh yea technology makes life easier, but at the same time it also complicates life. What an irony.

Now that life's become complicated, the whole system is warped and now there gazillions more mysteries for us out there. Just when it seems simple, you find out it's not. It's a BIG BIG world, but we have a short short short life. Well in the way it helps us get interested in learning in diff criterias during our life time, but at the same time it leaves us narrow-minded and twisted. I think I was born in the wrong era but at the same time I'm fascinated of observing the changes of this era. Hey, guess I'm somewhat already twisted myself, lolz.