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revel like oasis
wounded memories metamorphose
new start

:: Clairvoyance and Annoyance ::

16 April 2010 @ 10:22 p.m.

-Dreamt of something random-forgotten, but what struck me throughout the most was having this 'headache' which I could clearly hear and feel those continuous 'heart-beat' sound, with some felt pain.

-Woke up at 10.30am, refreshen and continued looking through companies vacancies.

-Was suddenly abrupted by DNC's first car accident phone call and panicky-emotional parent at around noon.

-Was rushed out with my cam to arrive at the scene. Traffic's terrible and so's the mood and the driving.

-Reached there about 1 hr later at J.Kampung Baru (?), Wisma Akar (front of some mosque), which requires passing through J.Sultan Ismail.

-DNC's 1-month-old-myvi right side mirror broke off with only an wire leaving the mirror dangling and intact to car. A shallow dent and white scratches running along the right side of car-exterior. His thanks to the 'stupid truck' driver.

-Went to police station at J.Petaling to lodge an accident report for about 2 hrs (?). Started having an headache and parked at the police station's "scrap yard".

-At 4-ish had my 'brunch' at McD nearby. First McD after almost 2 yrs. That sucked...

-Parted with DNC with sour mood still hanging around. Continuous nags about jbst's career fair. Headache getting worse.

-Reached home and rushed preparation of cv and materials, far beyond care at that moment.

-Reached MV exhibition centre at past 5.30pm. Crowded, reminds me of '04 book fair at HK's convention centre.

-1st booth AIC seems knowledgeable pro, hopeful
-2nd Great Eastern more to 'forum' session and finance area, meh
-3rd IBN is friendly but somewhat dim, alright not bad
-4th Hong Leong into sales and training, hmm... interesting, but meh
-5th H.Hilton is somewhat dim and fill-in form was kind of annoying, it's so-so
-6th jbst has no representative people and there's questionmarks in the air, try online since it seems abandoned
-7th American Express was about to head out and is clearly dim, seek out this booth (knowing about the position beforehand) only to find myself deflated upon arrival, bah!

-Exited at closing around 7-ish, headed for Jusco for more milk and cereal.

-Arrived home 8.30-ish. Cereal and milo for dinner to compensate for earlier brunch menu.

-Annoyed annoyed, tired tired, head still felt heavy with pain-that-not-painful-but-weird-kinda-pain?? feeling. More drama ensues with 'want cup thrown to door', barkings and more.

-11.19pm now, it's shower time and maybe some peace and quiet time until sleep comes through...



:: Gothchyld Diaryland v3 ::

15 April 2010 @ 6:22 p.m.

Site revamped version 3! This site been running for 8 years now, filled with memories. As time goes by, people and places changes... this site has brought back many kinds of memories almost forgetten such as happiness, sadness, angsty and lots more. I'm happy diaryland has not shut down due to other bloggies monopolies like blogspots, etc. Otherwise it would have been painful to find chapters of youthful memories been torn out of my life (that diaryland temporary shutdown last month gave me a taste of that).

Hence, the theme of the site: Memories and time. I think it's about time I should start jotting down events worth memoring since I'm 'feeling the age' nowadays. Of course, a personal real book diary would be sufficient but my handwriting seems to be getting uglier (almost like those adult's illegible handwriting). This time I was concerntrating on the technical design, not the visual so pardon the ugly elements.

Anyways not only is the visual outlook of the site changed, This site is change into a WEBLOG form, that is having multiple entries per page instead of one entry. You can say it's like xanga or blogspot. However multiple entries will only start in this and future entries. Previous and older entries before this entry will be presented as one entry per page. Well, we'll see how it goes, this site it not thoroughly debugged confirmed.

If bugs are found, let me know and you'll have my deep gratitude, because I'm still learning. Thanks and enjoy! =)