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10 April 2005 @ 2:43 a.m.

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Whoa whoa whoa.... I can see that GG went ahead of time before I can even post about my first time being a host (yes, you heard me... that was my FIRST time and I wanna cherish it). OK REWIND! *rewind sounds*~~~


Blog Date: Thursday, 31st March 2005*~
Time: 11.00a.m. - 6.00p.m.

Blog: Today was my first time I ever visit Ocean Park in Hong Kong (Like finally!! After living in HK for 3 and a half years! GEEZ!) Moi was the host... planned to invite a bunch of people (yea yea, it's bad to invite alot of people, especially for a first timer.. but who cares?!) over but unfortunately two were unable to go (one of them OWE ME! XP). Went to every single ride available... and experience a very terrifying ride that people been telling me about... "The Abyss". Scary but kinda fun (don't know if I would ride it again though). The Aquarium was beautiful and inspiring... the rides was fun, the people I invited over is great, the queuing up for the cable car was boring... so far I'll say that the day turn out not so bad for the first time being a host. =)

I wanna thank all the people that came over and make the day turn out great: G1 (for being my guide XP), GG (for being there and for the talks), KHG (for a talk and being kinda energetic XP), Kelly (for accompanying every ride with me and coming over [if you read/find this site by chance]), NCS (for being a kid in our group [no really, I was just kidding about that, but in a way thanks for being hyperactive energetic *for the good or bad, either way goes*]) and Geoffrey (for coming and controlling NCS [he won't know of this site, but I might as well thank him for saving mine and the rest energy/effort/(annoyance) and not leave him out]and taking care of the bags and stuff =P).

Here's the end of my blog and btw can the people send over the pics of OP. Thank you~ =). Now for the group pic to end this blog well:


*forward sound*~~~ Ok back to the present. I'll first like to say: GG you are living wayyy into the future! I'm still here!!!

Hm... I just realise how being 16 can be cool, er.. in a little way for me (hence the phrase: "sweet sixteen"), but at the same time I've realise that everything change, just like the old ways swept away in front of you by a hurricane or something. Thinking back, our days was fun and gay (not THAT kind of gay, the other meaning!). [[NCS, GG and KHG (you guys haved really change alot, I feel like I don't know you guys that well anymore) and G1: Thank God you are still there! So far you hadn't change that much (reminds me of the good ol' days =)) and I've got to know you even better! Thanks for teaching me your crafts and stuff! You are my craft 'xie-fu'! =)]] As for moi, I think I've changed a bit, but not that much, *shrug* that's in my own opinion... though I can be a hypocrite... every human is born to be a tad bit hyprocrite/idiot. Oh well, gotta adjust to it, just like I'm adjusting my new home and life situation (partially).

Ok, news flash: I'VE GOT INTERNET!! WOOOT!! though the connection is slow and not very stable but hey it's better than nothing plus it's *ahem* (can't say it here, don't want authority after my ass). What I'm trying to say is that now you can mail me, though if it's unavailable I'll tell you guys to halt mailing me for a while 'til I get it back. Hm... that's it for now I guess. See you guys at school (NOOO!!! The Holiday is ENDING!! *sob*)
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