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Tribute to my bird

24 November 2005 @ 9:40 p.m.

2003/4 - 2005 (I owned it in 2004 as a gift from my neighbour.

Breakdown - a tribute

I was walking on a lonesome beach under the bigh chill. How ironic, walking on an almost-frozen beach in the lifeless regime of winter.

But it is because of you, my petite green-feathered friend.

I kicked the crisps of sands and rocks-barefoot. This is like vast deserts of unknown, as if I would exhaust and gradually decay into ashes. But images of you flash, as if I can visualize your luminous eyes and hear your surreal, charming songs.

You are gone - and strands of insanity penetrate into my membranes..or shock, or collapse.

Under the dark carpets of night - without the moon's guidance, nor stars that take me to the bark of wonderland - I stride. Alone.

PIERCE! A puddle of blood spread over the grey marble rock - how careless of me to step over sharp, pointed rocks. And as this happened, I feel the spiked roots of numbness twirling and grabbing my heart, forcing me to undergo traumatize.

I could never imagine you are gone. Yesterday, you were the breathing, living muse who moves over the bar. Few days, we were playing billboards from the fixated CD on the CD player - with Bulldog Mansion's Happy Birthday playing over and over again.

Last year, the Tom and Jerry cartoons of muteness is the ultimate comic relief for you and me.

You didn't stay for long, but you certainly have enlighten my life. At least, I feel love. Love from mother nature, between me and you.

But you are ...gone. Into the marble vault of a utopia, into another world...

My heartbeat slows as it releases droplets of misery; and I am still lingering in misery's embrace. Well..for a few days.

With all of my heart, I hope that you are in a paradise where love dominates, where you experience forever happiness and peace with your companions.

....where food is glorious and flowers are blossoming - a realm of utopia.

Or that you can be reincarnated into a better life filled with goodness to the core, along with prosperity and love.

My feathered friend, thank you for being a part of my life - I will cherish our times together eternally.