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28 May 2005 @ 10:10 p.m.

Drifting petals: sequenced crimson
A line between life and death

I am here to write a very depressing 'testimonal' for a dear friend who had left to a better place.
(name will not appear due to privacy, and news of her is over the internet)

Almost one year ago, I was counsellor for a summer school in Canada. She was also one of the counsellors. Although the program for two weeks, she was always willing to put herself for others, help all the students to overcome language difficulties and ensure the program was packed with fun.

Another event that I remember particularly was Metrotown. As most students went with other leaders to visit the 'Sky Train', few of us stayed at Metrotown. We had an exciting trip overall, with her fashion advice I found a perfect Suzy Shier dress and flip flops. Her friendly and cheerful nature has touched many's hearts and made a lot of events unforgettable.

Only a few days had I heard about the devastating news - death. (I will skip cause for privacy). It was only ten days before her graduation, yet she sacrficied her life to those in need.It has been a pleasure to have been her friend, and the loss of such a vibrant and optimistic person in the community was definitely very tragic. But rshe will still live in our hearts. Au revoir.

Gothchyld will be in major depression in sometime. Probably in Healing INC.

In memory of her, I will wear the clothes, skirt and flip flops that she helped me to pick out on 10th June. Sorry, I could only do such a small part in memory of this tragic incident.