Gothchyld's Diary

winds; relished thoughts
revel like oasis
wounded memories metamorphose
new start


24 May 2005 @ 8:54 p.m.

not too good for geo though, as you all know, I am not very talented on physical geo. The worst thing was bumping into 'noodles' (i think you all know who I am referring to, if not ask Fiona) in Humanties Corridor.
Believe it, sometimes GGs get pressurized too.

Other than that, I have such a great time with my lunchtime entertainment - watching Sky Captain of The World Of Tomorrow. Jude Law was so hot and Angelina Jolie too. Also for any feminists, Mona Lisa Smile is such a wonderful film. I happen to like Maggie Gyllenhaal's role - Giselle Levy because she just attracts older men, something that is related to me personally. (You can contact T about this issue, bet he will come up with some laws about it). Also it is feminist, but not too bold. It is not about burning your clothes and locking yourself on gates so you can vote, but just that you have the right to learn and go to uni...

anyways, good luck to everyone for their exams..