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21 May 2005 @ 5:08 p.m.

Study leave = movie afternoons (oh yea) + internet research + work (applied only if you are semi-employed) + remember chunks.

I am beginning to figure out the scientific geo - it takes a bloody long time to remember all that coastal development, volcanoes and rivers....
Dude, can I have Doraemon's so-called memorizing bread so i can just memorize everything by writing all the stuff on the bread?

English study group today @ starbucks, these are some suggestions for our last day of school in Year 13:

1. Volunteer to clean school. Only mop ceilings of the classrooms.
CONSEQUENCE: Everyone gets wet. Not us.

2. Break fire alarm but contact fire department beforehand.
CONSEQUENCE: Pathetically long fire-alarm time. Maybe we can all runaway then.

3. Sleep in school and get ahead for free breakfast.
CONSEQUENCE: Beforehand breakfast. Rob the Fantas!

Good luck to everyone else.
Oh and please ManUtd WIN Arsenal at tonight's FA Cup Finals!