Gothchyld's Diary

winds; relished thoughts
revel like oasis
wounded memories metamorphose
new start


13 May 2005 @ 6:22 p.m. goes astray
Scatterred...destined wanders away..

Another poetic (and depressing) phrase from Gothchyld. Although now my poetry has *ahem* finally got recognition - look at your yearbooks in June, life is still a labyrinth. A kaldeiscope. Where you walk in and make your choices. In fact, it is so abstract there is no win and lose, because you are not competing with anyone else.

Unless, you inherit the gift of immortality then.

People tend to think me an outcast, but I simply call myself the hip mystic. No need to go into vampiric knowledges but I just..experience overtime.

Went to see 'Cosi de....' that AS drama play and really adored it as they reveal the 'sick' side of human nature - just what I investigate. Pyromaniac, avoidant, junkie...etc. Ok I investigate but still I cannot pull off that I am frankly an addict. Sooner or later I should just quit things so tranquility is brought. thing I hate to mention: More sleepy nights (This is for people who suffer from Sleep Deficiency where they can be granted more sleeping hours) yet a rush of exams. It is like nurtured autumn leaves falling...yet blossoming. Why is life always a paradox?

Au revoir,