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winds; relished thoughts
revel like oasis
wounded memories metamorphose
new start


25 January 2005 @ 9:47 p.m.

Alright, my dears, I came back from I see how you may all decide to 'ahem' throw sharp objects at me because I missed 3 days of school ..

Well, under the tuscan sun stood all of us, even though investigating different rivers, had a lot of fun.. (despite being 'separated' with Lily because we are doing different rivers :( )

I was doing questionnaires and would never deny saying how hospitiable Thai people are - like giving us free drinks, and lessons to cottage industries for free. (weaving lessons, and that girl was so pleased with the granola bar teehee)

Then there were everyone on river work with their shoes wet, and collection of species and larvae that would make an unforgettable day..

The resort, was amazingingly artistic, with that beach view it is like a tropical paradise. (See how many pictures we took..and unfortunately, it probably make you jeolous) The pool was a gift, (especially for water children) and i dashed into it on 24th, as if i am a dehydrated water nymph. Despite that green water, i was soon surrounded with the company of fellow 'water people' who can just simply not resist the temptation of cool waters.

Thailand was just simply a paradise. I can imagine why people will always visit it. Such a surreal place, tossed with a carpe diem feeling.

I should shut my words now, before I get a bit too much. And last words, deep down during the trip i was still missing someone terribly... j'adore.