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08 January 2005 @ 6:37 p.m.

Ces martins gris si doux

This is the terrible influence of Lolita - rambling French, suave French, and making you want to type a french word everytime. (because Humbert would do that, and end up you will sympathise him despite what he did..)

New year, and I figure out how snogging has become a trend. Next time, I have to sit in corners - avoiding listening to snogging sounds on the right, and cuddling on the left.

Thanks to english teacher who have taken the liberty (or maybe not) to teach me French. Merci. But don't expect me to say something like meme puce to everyone in Valentine's Day plz!

Also to der French channel and overdose of French films. Raining cats and dogs, Taxi, Amelie, Les triplettes de Belleville, Les Chorus... see what I mean by tooo influenced by French culture?

BIG HUG TO RAFAEL VAN DER VAART for mailing my printed autograph. Well,i mean despite language difficulties in Holland, they still send it! (Hopefully not looking up every word in dictionary)

Oh, and if anyone did read or see the novel/play Les Miserables - tell me! Just want to follow tale of Cosette & Marius without having the pressure of reading. Since when have I become a regular supporter of overdue library fees? Year 7. And since when have I been broke over VCDs/DVDs? Year 11. Forgive my addictions.

Perhaps I should just open another red wine bottle and drink now. Dun worry, won't drink more than 1 glass of it..

*man, when have i become obsessive?