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revel like oasis
wounded memories metamorphose
new start


02 September 2005 @ 5:32 p.m.

Ah..first day of school. Hopefully last year in HK for me. (in my opinion: viva la Canada?)

The Turkey bracelet has HELPED me from being killed by teachers. Really. Or maybe because only 4 people manage to get A in history and so the remaining 20-sth people are set for retakes. Luckily, Ms.Waugh did not kill me but I have two geo units to retake in Jan. (good news though: a geo help group will be formed because there are 2 AS geo students have not take geo before.)

Bascially, I believe the :) arts dept (arts and science in terms of uni standard) is English. Somehow I think I will be turning into an English freak, hopefully not tooooo madly in love with English though.

Got 'promoted' in community service because Tough decided that maybe I should help the entire Humanities faculty. Sorry staff, but you will see this caffeineholic in your office.

1. Just a suggestion, maybe Sabrina and me should organize a joint bday party.
2. Depending on your votes, the theme of the party will be: a - beach party in DB (preferably due to convenience of shops, nicer changing rooms etc)
b. ice skating
c. bowling
d. movies

We could probably do 2 - 3 of the choices above, so please please please help us to decide. Thanks so much!

Good luck!