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15 December 2005 @ 5:14 a.m.

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Long time no write here.... but hey I'm still alive! And still Sane! ^^

New design for! ^^ This personally took me a goddamn long time! It's also challenging but nevertheless have expanded my knowledge on html, programs and drawing tehniques and lots more! ^^ It took me nearly a week.. countless hours in front of the pc and furious teeth grinding when complications occur. Anyways... i would like to say.... no stealing! XP. This my Christmas surprise for this year since there will not be any card sending due to circumstances. Best in Resolution 1024 x 768 (not pro enuff to make the site veiwable to all resolutions kinds) and with text Medium or below (can't fix text either >.<). Also have made a new set of moods to match the site! ^^ (Btw, to people who have slow PC... sorry with the slow loading.)

Good News to present to you! You guys would not need to envy me for learning to drive or having 6/7months Holiday whilst you all are stress and working your ass off! *Ahem* On 12/12/05 (Monday) I've recieved a mail... and guess what? I've been accepted to a University! Erm.. eventhough it suxxorz having to end my holz and get working... but then... er I dunno whether I should cry or be happy, lolz. By far during the holz there's some good and bad pointers... but oh well. >.<V

Oh yes... Driving Paper test set by the end of this month (coming soon! >.<). Wish me Luck! Oh yea good luck to you all who's having their exams at Jan!

Anyways... I think that's it... but before I go, I better make this entry worth it... so a joke for a good end to this entry! XP

The Taiwanese Tourist
A Taiwanese man with very poor, practically no knowledge of English once visited the US. His name happened to be Teng Xiao Ping.

At the Immigration desk,the officer asked him a few questions to verify his true intentions of coming to the US:-

First he was asked, "What is the last name of our firstPresident?" Not knowing English neither what was the question, he guessed they
must have asked him for his family name.So he replied,"Wa Sing Teng" (in Hokkien meaning My Last Name is Teng).

The officer heard "Washington" (same sound) so passed him of the firstquestion.

Second question was, "What do you intend to do in the US?". This time the Taiwanese thought, naturally he would be asked of his first name. So he replied, "Xiao Ping."

The officer heard "Shopping"so nodded and proceeded with his third question.

"What car do you drive back home?" The tourist thought he was asked of his marital status, so he exclaimed,"Wa Bo Bo!" (in Hokkien meaning I don't have a wife).

And the officer heard "Volvo". So he smiled with pleasure and asked another question.

The fourth question was, "Who is the most popular basketball player here in the US?"

By this time our Taiwanese friend was getting a bit impatient and annoyed hence shouted, "Mai Ho Wa Ja Dan." (meaning don't let me wait here).

The officer heard, "Michael Jordan!".With great appreciation for this tourist's wide knowledge about the US, officer let him through without further harassment.

Teehee.. Merry Christmas People! ^^ <(^0^<)<(^0^)>(>^0^)>