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:: BBB CG/DB & the MIS-es ::

Wednesday, Sept. 29, 2010 @ 10:52 p.m.

BBB's double album released today, can't wait 'til I get it. But MISsed out in their live concert, fml. Should have suspected when time went super slow-mo on me (despite doing lots of stuff) during the hr they went live. A MISsed opportunity, which I hope getting my hands on their albums could be remediate my broken heart.

Boss and I were pissed at each other (think he was) 2 days ago due to MIScommunication. Finally he showed the true colour of how any other (or all) bosses makes us out as screwdrivers and mind readers, wtf. Yday might have blocked me but was on today but not sure if things cooled down.

Whilst blocking me yday, I've the time to update my rabbit-hole and opened an deviant. Now for some old BBB concerts to temporarily fill in my loss...

- DD 


:: BookFest, Sushi, Ham Cha ::

Sunday, Sept. 19, 2010 @ 11.00 p.m.

Sat 11.09, BookFest
Due to JOKF drama, the book festing in KLCC was delayed by 1 day (spose to be at Raya). 2 hrs there, no buys but loads of fun there. Visit Cold Storage for Choc stock ups and headed back KLC station for some 1st time Subways and 2ish hrs drama session. Before lunchea, 7/11 customers services shocked me, but glad I wasn't burnt unlike the customers before and after me. Then some random 1 hr walk around involving beheaded accident photos, a mag shop and JOKF deliriousity.

Next day, MC Jusco with CKK. Jap Food, Earrings, DIY and freezing like hell til I got a feverish much later. 2 days to recover. Being sick's no fun.

Thurs 16.09, Msia Day:
The first ever official holz after 53yrs of independence, thought DNC pulled my legs. BYYX came over at night for lil dinner and we've some fun over old photos of DNC. CCH is off to Guilin CHI until 22nd and DNC accompanying BYYX for 2 nights.

Next day, went to CS Jusco after a long while with CKK, sushi overload again, new battery for the watch and finally got the shoes (the very last pair) after a month and 3 visitations to check if the price will go down.

Today, Ham Cha Cookout:
1st time eating Ham Cha, taught to CKK by my cousin due to BYYX influenza. A whole bunch of family came, the house full of laughter and shouts for almost the whole morning/noon. Arranging of ornaments for feng shui by other cousin, tours around the house, egg tarts and fruit goodies from others... everyone had fun (except lil nephews).

BYYX came over for Ham Cha dinner, still got plenty left over after the guests left. More old stories from CCK and DNC's a food-waster, but he was wasted before dinner coz of mandatory work over KLCC expo during weekends.

- DD 


:: Mary and the Garden Secrets ::

Sunday, Sept. 05, 2010 @ 09:00 p.m.

Repotting the tallest and palm-like plant which has the old bird nest in it.

Turns out it's a fire-ants haven in its roots and getting bitten by them sucks badly. Transferred the plant into a huge tank so they'd drown, but their survival instincts amaze me. They swam and create little islands with themselves to support each other and priority goes to saving the 'queens'.

DNC eventually got experimental and sprayed pesticide onto the water, they lost hold of their little islands and died within a a few seconds. Turns out pesticide is thicker than water and it's true that life=colour (they don't look 'firey' when dead).

Pruning, cleaning and weeding out, abandoned bird nest is thrown out as well =(. Using hands to resoil the plant into the new pot is more effective than using a spade. And it feels nice and soft in hands as well.

2 hrs just to repot with 1 hr ++ to weed out ants. Now I know how it's like to be little Mary in her Secret Garden.

- DD 


:: Twenty Two ::

Friday, Aug. 27, 2010 @ 11:59 p.m.

Morning and afternoon started with usual dullness of work, the only special treat I gave is slacking a bit and watching Monsters vs Aliens since most of work task is completed. Only managed to send in the files in after boss left coz it took more than a friggin hr to upload the files, thanks to my connection.

Didn't have much planned, but somehow all the sudden DNC burst in after work and said 'Let's eat out!' and wished me with his usual 'brotherly love' =/. Went to Tian Xia, a temple restaurant for 1st time for dinner. Then went over to the newer Jusco for 1st time and tau paoed SR strawberry marshmellow cheese and choc cheese cakes! It was a simple but a good night, though there's a tinge of regret that I wish would mend soon someday, like one big happy family...