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:: Family and Food Galore ::

Monday, Aug. 23, 2010 @ 3:06 p.m.

Sat, 21.08
Went back Melaka with Brenda joining us. Left at 9. arrived at 11ish. B.Katil is starting to become some bird zoo/farm because there different species of birds hanging on the trees. Lunch at 12 or 1ish, and went cool off at uncle's house 3ish. Went to visit Jonkers Walk and sight seeing famous tourist landmarks like 'good will' street, St Francis church, etc for first time at 4ish. Tried the infamous ice kacang, really packed place Jonker Street Cafe Museum. Since bloated from lunch and breakfast, didn't get to try infamous chicken rice balls for dinner, oh well. Headed back KL at late 8.40pm. Arrived at nearly 10 and since CCH insistence, had supper near her place. Home at 11ish.

Sun, 22.08:
To ah yie Tai house at 12ish and had a hair cut. Visit ah yie Foong house at 2ish and had feast of curry chicken men and lo men. Still felt full from day before food fiesta. Talked to Lisa via online video call before she goes to work, I miss her. Then had delicious sweet rock melon, Meiji panda choc and KOR seaweed chip snacks. Ah yie Foong recently came back from an EUR trip, gave me a beautiful red necklace from ITA as a souvenir. Home by 9ish pm after visiting 7-11 and a random 1 hr 15min phone call from JKFO.

Still stuffed up from the past 2 days, I feel like a glutton. Tonight another family gathering for dinner...

- DD  


:: Escapism 2010 ::

Friday, Aug. 20, 2010 @ 8:31 p.m.

Lots to jot down, gonna subcategorize 3 quick notes, however the main spotlight is the title.

1. Music and Dreams:
Music has been one of the things I can't live without. It feels utterly lonely without my phone to listen music from when I'm off the PC.

However since music played the greatest part of my life, I've been musical drugged badly of late. Since BBB's 2nd music project teaser, I've been feeling vibes and sensitive. Electricity shock course throughout my whole body, heart beating furiously and fast, repetitious songs played over and over again... it's like being in love, or having my first love and then sudden inspiration outburst.

And thus it entered my dreams. Not the musicians or anything, but having non-existant in real life music in my dreams, solely heard by me. This happened twice, the first was last week with Zac Effron singing to another girl whom I've forgotten. It's like High School Music live, right infront of me but I'm the camera. The piano accompanying the song was VERY clear and rocked the very core of my heart (even when I woke up). I can still remember the voice tone, the tune and somewhat the words of the song.

Second musical dream divination happened last Monday and I'm being sunged to by JC and his confession on stage in some concert. Rockish tune this time, and not only were the beats and tune clearly heard but the lyrics popped right infront of me as well. The lyric's somewhat amusing and random, but somehow knew the song's title (Will you be mine?).

So I'm not only aspired as an designer/artist but as well to be a musician? Will research on dreams someday. Yesterday BBB released their 4th music project teaser, still hooked and heart's still not beating normally. The waiting 'til 29/09 is killing me!

2. Girl's Outing III:
14/08 Headed to Amcorp Mall Taman Jaya for 1st time to check out a super-bargain-still-mint-condition bookstore JKFO wanna introduce to me. Reading's an expensive hobby, so don't go nuts whenever visiting a bookstore. Spent 3 hrs in that bookstore, definitely a store to visit again but too far. Didn't buy anything coz the book I'm looking for 5 yrs's not there but bought 2 books as an early bday gift for her. Spent another 3hrs in Secret Recipe having lunch there and she gave me my early bday gift, lol =). After that went straight home where I've pranked DNC badly when he called that night, getting him laughed at by not only me but also by his friends on his end =P.

3. Escapism 2010:
After 4 yrs halt, slowly getting back to my old hobbies I've been busy for this yr. Not only have a few new/old sketches dying to get CGed or inspiration aching to be drawn, I've managed to refresh my 'Rabbit Hole'. Halt of my hobby is partially due to my Topcities's host failure, denying access (which must be caused by their site overhaul, which I've found out last yr). My topcities is now accessible, but it still giving probs as it's old topcities is outdated and can't support the 'newer tech' era, so I've changed domain host and gotten my very own Fileave.

Gotta thank my new laptop for being able to handle the website's overhaul progress more efficiently and smoothly (together with my job's design tasks) and as well as my old laptop for being the 2nd testor, music, chat, web-surfing and videos! Dual screens and multitasking baby! <3

- DD 


:: Pikom PC Fair ::

Friday, Aug. 06, 2010 @ 8:00 p.m.

Since the last pc fair, already finalize my pc choices into two brands. Meant to be working, but today's 1st day (lasting until Sunday) and I really hate crowds. Gonna have to make up for my boss for not telling him =P.

On the way to KLCC at 12ish in the noon, traffic's so bad, looks like wkdays bars no ppl when it comes to pc fair... so CKK drove the car back since parking's full. Fair's not too crowded at first, but got flooded at the middle of talking with the 2nd pc brand sales guy. After much considerations between the two recommended models from both brands sale guys, finally picked one for $2999 after bargaining.

My arms has no strength anymore carrying that 2.4kg laptop for abt 2hrs. Feels like I did arm curls, carrying it through the fking lrt peak hr crowd at 5ish pm. I guess it will scar CCH's experience. Finally got a breather at 8pm back home.

Way too many choices to make nowadays, it took 3-4 months to fig out a laptop... and since phone's stolen, another month for more contemplating. But after much thought a few days ago, getting a new phone grown less important coz I'm not a phone person. My rationality returned and I've gone pass that painful experience. Maybe some other time.

- DD