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:: Convocation 2010 ::

Sunday, Aug. 01, 2010 @ 8:13 p.m.

Friday, 31.07.10:
Drove to mmu, it's rehearsal day, but the doors to grand hall opened late due to mmu's crappy messy system. So whilst waiting for it, ppl swarmed up for the robes collection. The door closed on me when it's nearly my turn coz rehearsal started. After a couple mins of barely heardable instructions for the briefing at rehearsal, half ran to get the robe (lucky that took about 20-30 mins, by partially jumping queue coz I've the rights for earlier ;p) and waited almost one whole hr or so later for smartcard activation after collecting my robes. After getting the invitation card/car sticker/seat no, walked and hang out with Lisa for about 2-3 hrs, eating good ice cream together and having fun until mmu seems almost empty. Drove back home around 3ish pm. Looks like it's finally the time I get to wear the 'wary angel' earring I made about 4 yrs ago and the pearl necklace I've got from Garnier for 1st time.

Woke up at 4.30am just for the sakes of trying to get to mmu on time (before 7am) and so I can have some breakfast before my stomach complains loudly in the hall. Our proceedings and entering the hall started at 8.30am, being surrounded by my juniors and having friends being spread out. Convo was shorter and tad bit rushed, glad it's 2nd day convo for my faculty otherwise I'd have one hell of a long day like 1st convo yday! FCM's scroll recieving started earlier than planned. Took a while to swim through the colourful crowd/jams to find DNC and CCH after getting out the hall, lining up (once again) to collect the real things (trans/cert/cd). Then met a couple of friends and their parents, taking lots of pics and having fun in and on the way to FCM building. Grew tired and really sore at around 1pmish, where I headed back home with my 2 best guys.

Convo is tiring and an experience I'll never forget. The further proof of lameness mmu showed, the laughter and the smiles, the nostalgic feeling of meeting your friends again after so long and the mutual 'accomplished' feeling everyone shared during the day, thus giving them (including me) a sort of inner peace and overwhelming satisfaction at the end of the day. Other new experience/notes I've learnt during this day was:
++ There are still people around who thinks DNC and me looks like/are twins! I'm amazed but fuzzy inside, looks like my hope of double-ish me is still on! =D
++ Today gave extended proof my PMS have such great timing, as to break out whenever there's special events or that sort =s.
++ Heels are excruciating painful when worn for long hours, and walking to one end to another and back. More blisters, stiff joints and suffering occurs when you see your toes really red. Thus open ladies shoes are no diff from stillettos/closed ladies shoes, boo..! So I say sneakers and casual shoes ftw!
++ Tossing of Grad hats during group photo session can be hazardous. Got hit on the head with someone's hat twice, the 2nd knocking my specs off and bending the frame slightly.

... but it's all good. T'was a fun, good and blessful day. An unforgettable day when there's everyone you met and hanged out with (esp surounded by strangers who shares the same smiles) are there to make the day even more blessful. Hope to meet them all once again and I'm so grateful from the bottom of my heart <3.

- DD