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christmas tributes

18 December 2005 @ 6:29 p.m.

Christmas tributes:

Friends -

D - for being the best friend of the year. Good luck in 2006 and thanks for sharing the artistic passions. Viva la creativity! Don't know how I could manage my life without you. *Hug*

L - thank you for your support in geo and sports day. I don't think I can manage my life properly without you. You are always there to calm my anger down, esp. geo injustice cases. *Hug*

S - Hey, you gotta teach me how to appreciate the beauty of physics, now that quantum physics seem to be as abstract as English. Thanks for putting my life in balance (science) and being so pratical...
Yep, my logical knowledge is ,...below average

F - really cool phone calls and jokes. Good luck in your portofolio and looking fwd to see you in christmas.

N- thanks for all the funny times in frees and your help in psychology issues.

G - softball rocks- but Dodgers are better than Yankee despite Matsui..


J - I want your grades...I want almost straight As!!! Not english though. Thanks for the good times and looking fwd when you come to HK, I want to see how you change.

The other J - hey, since when did I become so old after you got '3 daughters'? But anyways thanks for being cool and teaching me all those mp3 stuff..

A - Sis forever. Stay sweet and cool. We need to meetup.

P - We need to meetup in Canada - can I live in your dorm for a few days as a visitor? Best wishes in your studies

You are third. Because 3 is suppose to be a lucky number. Thanks for coping with all my problems..esp pressure machines and stress. I don't know how to manage 1 whole busy week without your help. Ich liebe sie.

AP friends
cosmic_euphoria - you need to update! I love your poems.

memnoch - thanks to your brief intro to Lebanse politics, and I appreciate your darkness too.

zeltria - thanks for your continued support for Broken heels ... and sharing your taste in dark and sad stuff.

slavetothemusic - you rock! You deserve more trophies!

bicyclekick - Joyeux noel! Manutd needs to win trophies ASAP. We need a bigger fan club!

Year 9 friends - Can I owe you? You guys are pretty cool most the time, nice knowing you.

Everyone that I missed out - sorry, I don't think I can type a 5/6 page thank you but you know who you are and I hope we can keep in touch.