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The CSI Incident

24 July 2005 @ 7:17 p.m.

I am back from Ottawa, but a little dizzy because it was a roadtrip. Ottawa certainly did nurture my interests in art, particularly the National Gallery of Canada that exhibited Leonardo Di Vinci and Michelangelo's originals. (remember Mona Lisa and the Last Judgement). Yet, I would like to tell you all on my 'CSI' incident beforehand..

One day when I was looking forward to go to Wal-Mart, I slept in. That dream of going to the artistic capital certainly took my mind away. Never did I know, the security guard left the room and locked the room with the phone, so I was locked in...

By 9:00, with an empty stomach, I looked around with predators' eyes to see if anyway I could get out for breakfast. (No, my dorm was not lock but the door that connected to the hallway). You see, the door can only be opened with an interactive card. After minutes of kicking and screaming, nothing came. I begun searching rooms for a mobile phone (room with phone was locked), again, it was out of hope. Then my wild thoughts came, THE FIRE ALARM!!! It was seconds later I knew that a prank alarm wouldn't work because there was no smoke, and it was too tall. I tried opening the windows, but they were closed, ah, a very good method for security. THEN COMES THE GLASS. I TOOK THE HEAVY FIRE SPRAY AND KNOCK THE GLASS, hoping to raise awareness.

Unfortunately, the glass cut a bit of my third finger and streams of crimson blood flowed down my petite arm. 5 seconds, my palm was almost the replica of a murderer, as it was full of carmine blood. The sink was the blood bath. Luckily, the housekeeping lady took me and I got help. The good news was, it only cut a bit of the muscle and the skin. Yet, there was all the incovenience of broken glass, tainted blood and feeding of apple juice to gain blood sugar because I did lose some blood. (some from the previous week too, shredding blut).

Thank you all to the canteen ladies for SUPPLYING BREAKFAST, particular one who saved my life because of her nursing knowledge. Really, you save my life. Also to the housekeeper because without you I would be unnoticed and might not know ANYTHING to do wit the bleeding cut. To the receptionist for supplying FIRST-AID, or else I would be seeing blood on the sink for how long? Although writing does hurt a bit, at least, I am still alive.

Most of all, thanks a lot to the Goddesses for looking after me and keeping me sane, and my friend in paradise for watching over me. Merry part.

CONCLUSION: Always know the rules so you know, if you are trapped, what time will the housekeepers come, and always keep calm.

MESSAGE: La vita a bella, I feel being reborn.