Gothchyld's Diary

winds; relished thoughts
revel like oasis
wounded memories metamorphose
new start


22 December 2005 @ 3:06 p.m.

Hmm..Merry christmas everyone. Although this christmas is MUCH MORE PAINFUL AND MORBID for those of us who were heavily burdened with exams and university applications.

I will be attending a variety of gatherings and so ANYONE who had marvellous study tips can help me?

This year's weird plans:
1. Get geography integrated by D.Waugh - It is a lifesaver and I forgot to borrow it.

2. Memorize model answers for history, and bs it.

3. Date caffeine.

4. Restrict most social discussions and become an online geek.

5. Watch manutd football and receive moral support.

Anyone can come up with a more bizarre study plan than this?

Physical geography (AS UNIT 1) - I really don't adore you, make things easy for me.

Anyways, joyeux noel..and...I figure Broken Heels & Stilettos parts 2 - 4 cannot be viewed anyone who WANTS THE ENDING can ask for an email.

*Story contains graphic violence and lust.