Gothchyld's Diary

winds; relished thoughts
revel like oasis
wounded memories metamorphose
new start


14 September 2005 @ 10:53 p.m.

Ah, the menace of computers! Somehow I think that computers are putting us into slavery, especially when 'cracking' courseworks.

But anyways, updates on poetic business.

Gothchyld has decided to attend ALLPOETRY SCHOOL - Sonnet class. I realize now you can all tease, call, or announce my madness and obsession of poetry and English. But, I know I am under the enchantment of such language and can never ignore its beauty and charm.

I feel like going back to Old English classes when we are all forced to recite ballads and sonnets. Not exactly forced, but singing ballads would be a form of forcing.

Please tell me what you think of this piece:

Another glaze of wild vodka nights
blood oozing, hearts pumping, skin shivering;
a traumatize of forever grieving

Glass bottles: vodka, whisky, cocktails and wine
pile..all marked öäontinual misery
an escapism towards the loss of love,
the limbos of this untangled labyrinth of the world

the perceptions that locked everyone

(pops open) that crimson, sweet tastes!
so very bloody, yet so very divine
alcohol is merely a drunkard÷Õ burden
but messengers of wonderlands -
masking us from the world÷Õ blooming cankers
and gloomy kaleidoscopes

The Purgatory lies upon my faces,
all done with a bottle of absolut alcohol

And angel÷Õ cradles, the lovers÷Õ sweet kisses
all weaved under the sight of Eden÷Õ Paradise:
scattering roses, and innocent lilies
(all done with a glass of alcohol)
with Fairies?wishes, fabricating into the heaven within heaven ?
a world of wonder and fascination

That rigorous sips of such divine drink,
excessively drunken at the expense of Purgatory÷Õ resemblance:
where light of torches can be climbed..
and the two-faced girl became a multi spectrum of beauty with too many faces..
where I bind myself to the obsessive drinks..

A bang on the head..
I died with the glass of Shirley Temple in my embrace
the light of death penetrated -
death and gluttony came and visited..


and fallen

Yeah, I know I am crazy. Thanks to everyone who are going to celebrate my bday. Next year we may all scatter all around the world but hopefully this website will still keep us in touch.