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new start


12 July 2005 @ 8:35 p.m.

Seriously, I do not want to cover up DD's entry but this entry just has to be in the diaryland category.

Windsor's great. Went to York University (yeah I hv uni tours you know) and they had environmental friendly buildings; vari-hall (echoes noises) and it is pretty convenient. Although York is probably my safety, but the teaching program is good. Queens is still 1st choice.

I figure out how a Drugstore can be a lifesaver, esp. when stomach cramps kill you. Unfortunately, panadol DOESN'T EXIST and the alternative is Midol. That's important info for all who wants to study in Canada. Everyone who intend to go to U of T (yes Lily probably u) should really beware of Toronto Traffic - it was so stuck at lunch hours and 3 - 6pm coz people come back from work. I don't know how they survive.

Other than that, Wonderland was so great - water rides; rollercoasters; Spongebob basically everything. A must see is the water rides but I recommend you to dress in the swimsuit. When it says: 'You will get wet' it means you get very wet - from head to toe!

One note to Nat is that you really should go here. It makes you like a superior student leader over the kids. They will just ask you for everything. Yet, my mistake was accidentally clicking on Jerry Springer show (violent violent talkshow e.g. wives and mistresses fighting) and everyone REFUSE to let me change channels. Is Jerry attractive? I would rather pick David Letterman.

Well, see you all..