Gothchyld's Diary

winds; relished thoughts
revel like oasis
wounded memories metamorphose
new start


03 June 2003 @ 10.21 p.m.

Cherry Gothchyld: *dd u ain't a gothchyld yet*2 ppl who go 2 Euro -

never eva joke w. bobbies. had real trouble w/ them while jokin...

konnen Sie Mir erklaren, wie man den irischen Stab findet?

Sim, honesta ha um outro clube em Manchester. Seu nome e Manchester City. *yes unfortunately manchester city exist...unfortunately.* und Votre butee a le premier contact d' Emile Heskey - Heskey suck. But Lily i guez u noe wut i mean - French ppl. I jus copied off da Manutd magazine due 2 lack of French knowledge. Francis hit top of da tops in History ---but den every1 dun get pissed k> g2g & complain 2 Bayern Munich department 'bout dere contact section ---- how m i sendin anotha nice lil letta? Cherries rule dd cherries rule & i m addicted 2 coffee afta footie season finishes off - chocolate frab in starbucks. yes i noe starbucks isn't da bes but da chocz gd. & any1 who watches da NBA Playoffs which teams r in da finals/